A software robot relieves during the Corona crisis

Software robots make triage easier

Robots are extremely suitable for performing repetitive actions and analysing structured and to some extent unstructured data. It is precisely because of these characteristics that robots can make an important contribution in the fight against the virus.

For example, the robot can assist in assessing if a person is infected. How? To get a better understanding of the clinical picture of people, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has compiled questionnaires. Based on the outcome, it is determined whether a person may be infected with the COVID-19 virus or not. Because it is very important to get an accurate picture, these lists consist of about 150 questions. Irrevocably this means an increase in the workload of employees who are already heavily burdened today. Robots can assist in analysing the information and prioritizing on the basis of the pre-screening.

Increase in workload due to the Corona crisis

In other sectors the workload also increases. Due to the crisis, revenues for a large number of companies is declining. To limit the financial impact of this decline, the Cabinet has introduced a number of temporary financial arrangements. It goes without saying that the implementation of these arragnements will lie with agencies such as the UWV, the Tax Authorities and the Dutch municipalities.

Precisely because these kinds of arrangements are good to capture in procedures, software robots can help get rid of this temporary increase in administration. Such a robot can be deployed within a week or two.

Software robots to ensure business continuity

Software robots can also be an important means of safeguarding the continuity of your company or organization. Especially if employees are temporarily not available or temporarily have no access to their workplace.

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