Digitization in the logistics domain

Keep growing even with shortage of staff

Demand of logistics services won’t shrink over the coming years. Although revenue growth has dropped a little in 2019 to around 4%, it’s still a big number. In a labour intensive industry as yours, cost of labour is one to take into account. Besides the increased personnel cost, new employees are hard to find in the market place. About 35% percent of all entrepreneurs in your sector sees the shortage of labour as a blocking issue for further renevue growth.

Solving exisisting blocking issues

At the end 2019 Evofenedex, Logistiek & Transport Nederland and Beursvaartadres have published the report ‘Data en Digitalisering 2019 (in English: ‘Data and Digitization 2019’). This report clarifies the level of digitization in the transport and logistics sector in The Netherlands. 652 respondents paint a picture of the role digitization plays within their organisations and how they would like to see the future.

Objectives have been derived from the feedback and have been categorized. Categories like (system) integration, blocking issues related to digitization and data quality are closely related to the solutions RPA has to offer. Also optimization of business processes and making them more transparant is supported by solutions RPA can offer.

Unnecesary migrations to new applications

Service providers in your industry assess the migration to new applications as time consuming and expensive. On top of these drawbacks they see the integration of existing and new applications as a quite a challenge.

RPA overcomes these issues. Through RPA existing and new applications can communicate between each other. An RPA implementation doesn’t take long, is cost effective and doesn’t need a complete overhaul of the existing system and/or application architecture.

Fast and sustainable results

RPA helps you resolving more issues:

  • By combining RPA with your existing applications you will create insights into your performance easier.
  • Our RPA offers standard functionality to process email, PDF-documents and scanned documents. In other words RPA is a big step towards a paperless office.
  • The robot implements control measures and executes repetitive tasks. As a result your employees will have time left for other more important activities.

Want to know more? Please make an appointment

Independent of if you are a shipping agent, carrier, dispatcher or logistics service provider, RPA is a solution for many challenges related to digitization. Do you want to know more about what we can do for your company? Please make an appointment. With pleasure we illustrate how we can support.

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